weird science

Action-packed family field trip yesterday via the new green line train to St. Paul. We visited the Science Museum of Minnesota, had lunch, and explored our twin city, all in honor of Sawyer’s 11th birthday. From pre-history to the farthest reaches of space and back to Minneapolis, all in one day. What a ride! What a kid!

blog032915_sciencemuseum86/365: science museum

sunny days & drawings

There’s a quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne that I like: “Sunlight is painting”. It’s very true when the landscape is lush and full of color. But when the world is still in a spare, naked state at winter’s end, sunlight is drawing. Beautiful, strong, graphic line drawings everywhere you look.

blog032715_chainlinkshadow85/365: chain link shadow

ice out

It is an incredibly spacious feeling when the open water returns. The lake awakens – moving with the wind, reflecting the sky.

blog032615_branches-nokomis84/365: branches, lake nokomis

fly, fly away

I’m guessing that each of us, at one time, has envied the birds. The freedom and grace of their flight. Their security and strength in the midst of thin air. And the way they can be here one moment and, in the next, disappear.

blog032615_crowinflight83/365: crow in flight

mirror, mirror

If I could only photograph one thing for the rest of my life, I would choose reflection. There is always something there. Movement, layering, distortion. It’s like going through the looking glass and meeting reality’s alter ego.

blog_pano_032515_creekreflection82/365: march snow

light in the dark

Photography is all about light. So, when I find myself in the dark, in need of a photo, I instinctively search for illumination. It’s rarely as black as it seems.

blog032415_light81/365: arc

prairie phoenix

Another sign of spring: the prairie burn is complete. It looks awful at first, but it’s really just a big black, blank canvas. Soon, the green will appear and the wild, joyous riot of the prairie will return in full force.

blog032415_prairie burn80/365: prairie burn

suddenly, spring

After the long wait, spring still manages to surprise me. I especially admire those blooms that arrive well before any foliage. They are especially plucky. I hope they remain undaunted when the snow comes…

blog032215_hellebore79/365: hellebore

season’s greetings (spring)

I couldn’t capture the vernal equinox any better than this. The sun is calling. Life is pushing through. Happy spring!

blog032115_sprout78/365: sprout

welcome to the jungle

It’s been a long couple of weeks in the ‘real life’ o-sphere.

Then, last night around 9:30, I was just wrapping up work when I realized I hadn’t taken a picture all day.

Cue the Hail Mary.

The image I ended up creating doesn’t shout like the Guns N’ Roses-inspired post title. It doesn’t convey the Calgon-take-me-away vibe that is a heavily recurring theme around here lately. But, this surprisingly pleasing image did restore my faith in the daily practice.

Picking up my camera forces me to focus. That, in turn, requires me to breath. To be calm. And, then, I’m lost in the process and everything else falls away. That’s what this picture expresses: the art born out of the crisis. The calm after the storm.

blog032014_jungle77/365: dragon tamer


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