snow in july

A new friend from a current garden photography project i’m working on. It was a snowflake I was happy to see in the heat of the summer.

blog073115_yellow-fringed-water-snowflake208/365: yellow-fringed water snowflake

fade to blue

It’s just what caught my eye –  stacked up along the alley – all weathered wood, dappled sunlight and sky blue.

blog073015_pallet-in-blue207/365: pallet in blue

it’s what you see

I typically see this telephone line as an eyesore. But for this moment, I chose to look at it from a different perspective.

Inspiration is where you find it.

blog072915_telephone-wire206/365: land line / sky line

peachy keen

Simply magical sky the other night. Not the kind that stops traffic. But it should.

blog072615_peach-sunset204/365: peach-colored sky


Nature as artist.

blog072615_maple leaf print on sidewalk203/365: maple leaf imprint on concrete

come hither

Another new appearance in the native plant garden. This one is said to attract hummingbirds. Fingers-crossed…

blog072815_royal-catchfly205/365: royal catchfly

golden hours

Capturing this photo felt akin to bottling sunshine. Now if I can just figure out how to do it with time…

blog072515_wild-coneflower202/365: prairie coneflower (Ratibida pinnata)

mmm, mmmm, MMMM!

Yep. Now it’s summer.

blog072415_sweet-corn201/365: local sweet corn (first of the season)

au naturel

200, baby!

A favorite color combo found in the garden with super-vibrant colors that are 100% natural. I didn’t move a slider or massage a single pixel. This here’s REAL :)

blog072315_cosmos200/365: cosmos

ugh / ah!

Today’s lesson:

Yeah, sure, get organized. But, more importantly: stay inspired.

blog072215_desktop199/365: desktop


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