trees of a feather

Always one of my favorite spring sights: the show-stopping contrast of the chartreuse sugar maple buds against a clear blue sky. Happy Arbor Day to you and your favorite tree :)

blog042415_sugarmaples112/365: sugar maples with blue sky


I don’t about you, but one of my favorite things to think about is FOOD. I read a lot of cookbooks and food blogs. I even love reading restaurant menus! And nothing makes me happier than a well-stocked pantry and the pure potential of quality ingredients.

blog_042315_grasses & grains in jars111/365: grasses & grains in jars (wild rice, bulgar, forbidden rice)

Note: If you’ve never had real WILD wild rice (preferably from Minnesota, of course), I encourage you to splurge! It’s a world apart from the deeper black cultivated kind.

happy earth day/sky day

It was a moment of blue sky between bizarre bouts of sleet, snow, and gusty winds. When I realized the sun was shining, I peeked out and saw these graceful cloud formations. They remind me of humpback whales swimming together, an avian courtship dance, or the lines of the continents mirroring each other like two pieces of the same puzzle.

blog042215_clouds110/365: clouds

beautiful mess

In another part of the town, the greens are coming on more aggressively.

This is nature’s riot. The astounding co-existence of so many life forms all just doing their thing, thriving along, being glorious individuals together in a beautiful entangled mess.

It’s something for us to aspire to.

blog042115_springscape109/365: springscape

zoom out

It really is all about perspective. At close range, the world appears to be in full bloom. But, zoom out, and it’s a different story. In the big picture, spring is still a whisper of green.

blog042015_early spring lebanon hills108/365: early spring savanna

fancy pants

I hope you’ll excuse (or enjoy) the endless parade of spring blooms. There is so much activity in the garden these days – it’s just the hottest game in town for a garden photographer like me. I promise that, eventually, something else will tickle my fancy but for now, I’m smitten with the ephemerals and other short-lived beauties. These babies, nearly charmed the pants off me :)

blog041915_dutchman's breetches107/365: dutchman’s breeches (dicentra cucullaria)

sugar magnolia

It’s the last day of sunshine and 70’s before we dip into a week of chilly April showers. It is far too nice a day for me to sit in front of a computer screen.

I send you a glorious magnolia blossom, drenched in morning light and I take me out to wander round…

blog041815_magnolia106/365: magnolia

good company

Yesterday I was invited to my dear friend Sue’s garden to photograph her abundant spread of bloodroot. I’d never photographed (or seen?) them before. They are a delightful and diminutive woodland flower; getting to know them properly required me to spend a fair amount of time lying on the ground. It was the highlight of my day. Good company all around.


blog041715_bloodroot105/365: bloodroot (sanguinaria canadensis)

Notes: The plant stores a red, poisonous sap, hence the graphic name. This photo is somewhat deceiving; the central leaf belongs to another plant. I like the sense of intermingling…

wind flower

The pasque flower or anemone patens is the state flower of South Dakota. As its latin name tells us, the flower spreads its seeds on the wind. A cherished symbol of spring, it often emerges through the snow to signal winter’s end.

blog_041615_pasqueflowers104/365: pasque flowers

growing ingredients

One of the things I miss most in winter is fresh food, particularly herbs. I find walking out to the garden to pick fresh herbs for cooking to be utterly luxurious. So simple. So very satisfying.

The chives are always the first to return and couldn’t be more welcome.

blog041515_chives103/365: chives


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