happy accident

It is no one’s design or intention. But this line forms the most interesting part of the whole wall.

We might think we’re seeking perfection but, a lot of what we love most is in the flaws.

blog030215_crack60/365: crack

long dry spell

While the East Coast keeps getting hammered with snow storms, we in the Midwest have less than half our average snowfall – a measly 15-or-so inches. Frankly, it limits outdoor entertainment options considerably. Fingers crossed for March…

blog030115)Snowdrought59/365: snow drought

so good to see you

There are days when sunlight is an event. Yesterday was one of those days. This warm yellow-green color made me smile; it was like seeing an old friend I’d been missing.

blog022815_sunlight on trees58/365: sunlight on evergreens

forest for the trees

Sometimes the subject is line, shape, form, tone, texture, pattern and color. I just need to see it.

blog022615_treesbythecreek57/365: winter copse

cabin fever

Over the last week, our cabin fever got LITERAL. The virus moved through our family one by one while another cold snap raged outside. The need to spread out and breathe fresh air is palpable.

It is this late stage of winter when fatigue sets in. Gut check time. 23 days till spring. We got this.

blog022615_cabinfever56/365: portrait of the artist in cozy socks

winter green(alicious)

I have always been a staunch member of the broccoli love camp. I like it every which way. And it’s a reliable old favorite during these long winter days that can still make me say “mmmm” right out loud. For all its virtue, it is no less voluptuous to me.

blog022515_broccoli55/365: broccoli

lost at sea

I can get lost in a picture like this. In my mind’s eye, I am high above the earth, gazing down at the terrible power of churning ocean waves dark with storm when, in reality, I’m out for an afternoon stroll on the frozen creek.

As Anatole France put it, “Imagination is everything.”

blog022415_ice ocean54/365: ice/ocean

gimme shelter

View through the window at dusk. Branches near and far. Blue-gray falling light.

Inspired by an intense desire to NOT leave the house.

blog022215_dusk53/365: dusk

blowin’ in the wind

Yesterday on our walk, we came across this collaboration of grass, wind & snow. We watched as the bracing wind transformed the dried blades of grass into precision instruments, guiding their swaying movements like an invisible compass to etch these perfect arcs into the snow.

wind patterns 0252/365: wind pattern

bare bones 04

Subject matter is limited. That’s OK. I am happy seeking less.



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