This fountain in TCF Tower appeared a bit neglected at first glance. A closer look revealed the mercurial shimmer of the water droplets dancing in the golden light.


3 thoughts on “30/365

  1. fountain? dripping? in the dead of winter? wow!
    would like to see some kind of reflection in a drop. like your face- distorted.. this takes me back to the days of a kids magazine i used to get–i’ll think of the name later. i wouldn’t be surprised if you or your mom may remember it. 🙂 BUT–my favorite section was this block of close-up photos and you were to try and guess what they were pics of. i LOVED that and was usually pretty good at guessing b/c i love super close-ups! you are great at these! i also really love the brown background. i would love to frame this! i love brown and silver. NICE.

    1. Sorry to disappoint, but the fountain was inside an atrium in a building downtown…The water droplets are actually flying and falling through the air and captured with a really fast shutter.

      Are you thinking of Highlights?

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