I have never spent so much time seeking beauty in the melt and debris of March. Finding it is often surprising – an impressionist landscape in a puddle! – and always gratifying.

sidewalk reflection

5 thoughts on “66/365

  1. i am envious of your time outside finding all this beauty! i hope it inspires other northerners to do the same! there is so much beauty in winter and too many people complain! this is one cool photo with all the perfect ‘trendy’ colors goin on! this would be a cool print for a wall.

    1. Well, I am finding more time to wander outside, but often these nature shots are taken within blocks of my house… in the city!! I agree that there is plenty of beauty to be found with a little more attention to looking!

      1. I think this is the key to individual happiness, finding beauty everywhere around you. I really enjoy each day’s photo with the range of subjects and varied focus depths. Thanks for making my corner of the world more beautiful!

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