This Bianchi bicycle beckoned me with its yellow-rimmed tires and sexy Italian style. As I approached, I was thrilled to discover the tiny cityscape reflected in chrome. Recurring thoughts of The Bicycle Thief explain the cinemascope effect.

city fragment with bicycle

Thank you for visiting on Day 100 of Project 365. Life is good. Ciao!

5 thoughts on “100/365

  1. hey terra! congrats on this day! great job so far, and so fun peeking into your world with your eyes! what a fun time so far! I look forward to the rest of the project and what lies in store….
    another parallel on this journey–we went for a long bike ride today, then headed to the local bike shop for a new helmut and drink holder for una cabesa in mi casa, and while there, i lovingly longed for one of the gleaming, smooth beauties in the store to replace my hand-me-down clunker that i have thus far enjoyed….
    p.s. i like the tiny mirror teaser to a city so large….

  2. Wow! You have an amazing eye, and a wonderful gift! I enjoyed perusing your collection! Being a visual type myself, I can’t help loving what you’ve put together. Keep up the great work!

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