Anytime I can turn the downtown business district into my own personal funhouse, I’m pretty happy. The sculpture is Currents by David Landis. And, yes, I’m in there somewhere…can you find me?

self portrait in sculpture


2 thoughts on “134/365

  1. I know! The reality of this project is that I shoot really spontaneously and I kind of take what I get… There was only one spot where I could stand and lean over the railing (the scupture hangs from a second story ceiling) and see myself! It is fun how there are multiple reflections. You can see my face right side up (pretty clearly) and also upside down, extending out of the top of my head!

  2. i think you are the upside down triangle on the right? too bad you weren’t in place of the couple appearing easily 3 times. 😉

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