Our week at the cabin means many trips to the old quarry. Sawyer scoops tadpoles from the pond – I examine the undergrowth. This delicate moss is like miniature pine trees sprouting tiny, spore-like buds; I never thought about moss flowers before…

moss flower buds


3 thoughts on “182/365

  1. i’ve always LOVED moss! love to see it in the cracks around my house, on trees, rocks, etc. not sure if i’ve seen flowering either? thanks Emy for your lesson!

  2. What a great close-up of spore-producing heads on a moss! Mosses (and liverworts) are bryophytes which are ancient simple plants that predate vascular plants and angiosperms (flowering plants) by eons of time. They can’t grow any larger since they lack vascular tissues that move water and nutrients vertically up into leaves and down into roots for most other plants.

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