My 200th photo!! I feel like celebrating. This teeming riot of colors fits the bill…abundant beauty in infinite variety. Like a street carnival of flowers. In my head, this photo plays its own music. Thanks for being here on day 200.

farmers market bouquets

19 thoughts on “200/365

  1. 200 or 201 all of your photos are unique and full of warmth. I am so pleased to receive these photos daily. Your pictures inspire and allow my mind to ponder the images that you have captured with your careful eye. Congratulations on finding and sharing the wonder in the world. Peace, love and soul.

  2. Way to go! I’m sorry I missed yesterday, wish I could have helped in the 200 mark. Catching up on emails is more fun with a few great photo shots to lighten the load. Looking forward to seeing your favorites on the walls in September.

  3. Congratulations on 200 amazing images! You certainly are graced with an artist’s eye and talent to match.

  4. Terra,

    Wow! What a project! I want to spend some time going back through previous pictures. Keep it up.

  5. I am so proud, but not surprised at your ability to find the beautiful, the unique, the meaningful in your work and then to use your skill as a writer to capture each one in a special way. We look forward to many more wonderful shots, and success stories to come of people who appreciate the work you are doing. God Bless, Love, Mom

  6. Oh Niece of mine! Congrats on a beautiful 200th photo. I am especially proud of your dedication to doing a photo every day for 200 days and each are truly a masterpiece of photography and writing. I am forwarding to some who may even forward to others. Looking forward to September 18th. Love Auntie Ann

  7. Way to go Terra! What a milestone! I loved the unique way you captured the texture and color scheme for this photo – it made me feel like a kid running in bare feet through a meadow! Looking forward to your show in September! Love ya!

  8. truly gorgeous colors in these flowers. congrats on photo 200! i am still checking in to follow each photo, even if it is a few a day.

  9. The random bunches of flowers are beautiful and they are standing there looking up as if to say “please pick me”. Congrats on your 200th!!!

  10. Great pics! Your skills are quite impressive, and the project overall looked to be well worth the time commitment. I hope to get better acquainted with my Nikon…

  11. I enjoy each day looking at the beautiful photos – many of simple, everyday things seen differently through a lens of a talented photographer. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!

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