The neighbors’ windmill spins with the breeze, whirring softly. It whispers stories of bygone days, scattered and blown like so many specks of paint on the wind.



4 thoughts on “240/365

  1. Like barns, windmills, are so beautiful to me, so nostalgic and a little sad. That shot is so dynamic though, I love it.

  2. i love deep colours,and the a hard contrasts it remind me of the days of slide film, when i used to cross processed because it was cheaper, and you would end up with a neg that you could make prints off. the x factor was that you never really knew how much the colour would be deepened, the plus was that they made fantastic black and white prints if you took them to the dark room.
    fall all that this image has hard edges and bold colours, it retains a transient quality in the crop as well as the slightest suggestion of motion.
    i have subscribed to your blog because i like the feeling i get when looking at your work. Selfish i know!
    Peace and Bleesings,

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