Terra’s 1st Photography Show Opens Saturday

I am thrilled to announce my first photography show opening Saturday, September 18th, 2010 at Janine’s Coffeehouse. Here’s the official postcard image:

Janine’s is located at 119 North 1st Street in the Minneapolis Warehouse district.

The show will run from September 18 to November 17th with an opening reception on Saturday, September 18th from 2-5 pm. If you are in Minneapolis or know someone in Minneapolis please visit or ask your friends/family to visit.

I will be getting a website up shortly that will feature an online version of the show for those who can’t make it in person. Many of the images will be familiar to those who visit the blog regularly but there are a few new ones, too. Images from the show are for sale and other blog images and favorites will also be for sale on the site soon.


9 thoughts on “Terra’s 1st Photography Show Opens Saturday

  1. I look forward to seeing your work at Janine’s. IWhat I’ve seen so far is lovely. I must also acknowledge your use of words to describe your photos. They are delicious!

  2. Congratulations!!!
    So hoping to see the show online too!
    Your work is so nice Terra …it’s exciting to know you’ll be able to get this show up and running.
    Wish we could be there too!

  3. So happy you can display your great photographs.
    It will be a wonderful afternoon and everybody can see your pictures up close and personal.
    Congratulations and love to you.
    Dianne and Ab

  4. Terra
    You know I will be there I hope you have a great turn out. As busy as you are I hope to see you Thursday night at the meeting should you not be there well I am sure you have a lot of last minute thing to do. See you soon


  5. without looking back, was this a fountain pic? great choice–i like the abstract image you chose versus another….BEST of FUN at your show! wish we lived closer!! 🙂

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