I had a brief panic: 300th photo! I better try to make it really good. That thought was quickly dismissed. Yesterday was one of the 300 days when there was simply no time for art making – I allowed myself about 10 minutes. When I stepped outside it was incredibly bleak and raw. Resources were scarce.

On days like these, the challenge of finding beauty is daunting. But this is what it’s all about. Not the great American photograph. But the photograph I make each day with the materials at hand. So, sometimes, I drive home from work with my camera in my lap. And I make photos at stoplights. Like this…

tree silhouette

Thank you to all who have followed my 365 project to DAY 300! Please ask people you know to check out today’s post. I like to mark these milestones with a big gathering 🙂 CHEERS! Terra


18 thoughts on “300/365

  1. i can’t believe i missed commenting on this one at it’s milestone! i remember looking and loving this one!! stark and parchment! i’m enjoying these all again….oh what a grand year this was for you! i know it took you somewhere……and like i said at another time..your words are equally contributory to the whole project! and also, like des said…’learn about a friend’ i always knew you were cool! 🙂

  2. I really love this…..what a great picture for your 300th. You do wonderful work and I,too, look forward to your photos every day and the great way that you have in describing the picture. Very good photographer and writer….what will we do next year without that expected daily photo? Congratulations!

  3. Oh Niece of mine, you are remarkable. Love the 300th photo, but,then again, I love all of them for their own individual story. So Proud of You. Hugs.

  4. Sweetness! I was just wondering when the 300 mark was. Sometimes it takes a 365 day project to learn a little something about the calender year and a whole lot about a friend. Congratulations on one more of your life achievements. The world is blessed that you are in it.

  5. Sweet Photographer,

    Congratulations on your dedication to this project, I know with working at the office, managing home and children and all the rest , this is truly amazing. That picture is beautiful, I need to go back and look at all the “brown ones”, I seem to just be drawn to them and think they would make a nice grouping.

    Always gives me something to look forward to each day, thank you.

  6. What a unique and inspiring way to make a dreary day seem beautiful. I enjoyed looking at the branches and thinking how appropriate that you took this shot and “branched out” by continuing your project. Congrats on your 300th, cousin! I am SO PROUD of you!

  7. I think that is a great picture.
    It would also make for good note cards. Simple and beautiful.
    300 Congratulations.

  8. Simply outstanding. You have done wonderful work with
    passion and love from behind the lens. It truly shows when you have the opportunity to find beauty in all that surrounds us. Congratulations.

  9. …reminds me of a Japanese parchment painting.
    So serene and simple.

    What a beautiful 300 days you have added to our year.
    Hoping you continue after day 365

  10. The sepia effect is perfect for that shot! I love the angle of those branches on the tree and the simple background that is subtle in texture and color which makes it look a lot like parchment paper. Cool sillouhette!

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