For a variety of reasons (chief among them: my beloved camera died last night), today was not a great day. Maybe this photo is a cop-out, maybe it’s a tribute. It was one of the last clicks of my old shutter…I’m in need of some inspiration.


Irving Penn, Saul Steinberg in Nose Mask, 1966

P.S. Not to worry, I already found another old Rebel to keep me company…


7 thoughts on “315/365

  1. So sorry to hear about your camera! I hope it can get fixed soon. I am glad you have a back up and I like today’s photo, it goes with yesterday’s in my eye.

  2. Terra: I hope the camera was the “worst” of the many reasons. It sounds like the problem might be fatal – I hope not. As you must realize, I am not much good at adding comments but that picture of Sawyer leaping out of the leaves the other day was “inspirational” for me. I keep going back to it just about every time I sit down at the computer. I look forward to your daily contribution and mourn the loss (temporary I hope) of your trusty side kick. Ab

    1. Thanks, Ab. I know you’re out there but it’s really nice to hear from you! Yes, fatal, I’m afraid. It was bound to happen after the many, many thousands of photos…we came up with a workable solution and found a used camera body we could afford that is exactly like my old one, just not as heavily worn! That photo of Sawyer resonated with a lot of people, especially those who know him. He inspires me often! 🙂

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