So, the other day, when I said that snowflakes could shut down a city, I didn’t actually know that snowflakes were about to shut down the city!! Our plans for the day went out the window but I don’t really mind – I delight in a good old-fashioned snowstorm and the view out my window is pure wonderland.



5 thoughts on “345/365

  1. I agree I needed a good reason to stay home and work on the computer and finish some photos. Now that you only have 20 days left what is your next project? I am still working on mine I might work on that this weekend. Keep up the good work I love your perception of the world around us,thanks for the past year.


    1. Thank you, Jim, for following the project and giving me a shot in the arm from time to time. I’m not sure what the next project(s) will be, still focused on getting through this one. There will be something coming in the new year and I will be sure to share it with everyone. Hope you enjoyed your days at home!

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