This is a kind of symbolic family portrait. No matter what I am doing, in my heart there is harmony and rhythm and music. It comes from the sweet life that Brad and I have created with Sawyer and Zola.

More than anyone else, I owe the three of them a huge thank you for the time they gave me to pursue this project, along with their enthusiasm, support, and opinions throughout. Sawyer helped choose the daily photo more than once and Zola frequently told me how “tool” my pictures were.

Brad has been there for every one of the 364 days to take over the chores and the children as needed and allow me time to create, to look at the photos, read the posts, boost my spirits, and be every bit the dream of a man I was lucky enough to marry.

Only one of the 365 remains but the days and dreams to come are boundless.

guitar trio (brad, sawyer, zola)

6 thoughts on “364/365

  1. terra–i too, have thoroughly enjoyed all your creative and artful photos and words throughout this project! what a journey full of hard work and dedication! i can imagine how you’ve grown! thanks so much for sharing! we also, are so happy to have your family a part of our lives and look forward to many more reunions in our future as we raise our children in this wonderful and exciting world! Happy 2011!

  2. This is such a warm and welcoming photo, and your words are so beautiful. Your journey this year has been a pleasure to follow, thanks for your gift to all of us!

  3. Terra,
    All your pictures have been beautiful, but this one speaks volumns of the wonderful life you and Brad have made for yourselves and our beautiful grandchildren. The words and picture make such a heartwarming statement.
    Much love and a happy, healthy New Year.
    Dianne & Ab

  4. Play on, Terra. I read your words more than twice. How sweet it is to be friends with such happiness. Keep shining bright into the New Year.

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