Greetings and News!

Hey, out there! I’m back to announce a couple of exciting new developments…

First, I quit my job!!! This is a very POSITIVE end to an eight-year detour that often found me despondent and sobbing in some back hall…In short, I don’t think the corporate ladder is for me. I certainly never had any delusions that being an office girl was a good fit. I just got kind of stuck. As of July 12th, 2011, I will be finally FREE. I will also be rather broke. But, I am full of hope and ideas, excited for what the future holds.

Being stuck on the wrong path can start to feel, quite literally, like a slow death. And, at some point, the fear of death outweighs all else. Fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of humiliation (or mediocrity) – all pale in  comparison. I choose life.

So, I’m back. Not promising a photo a day this time but promising to get out in the world with my camera and keyboard and share what I find. I’m looking forward to getting back in touch with the beautiful friends who came along for last year’s journey. I hope we find each other on the path again.

I also want to share an invitation to my second photo show: Market Season at Common Roots Cafe in Minneapolis.

If you’re in the area, please stop in Saturday evening for the opening reception. If you can’t attend the show in person, visit my website at for a virtual version.

Thanks for looking. It’s good to be back.


12 thoughts on “Greetings and News!

  1. Wow! Your photographs are even better in real life-large format. The cabbage canavs is superb! Your photos really brighten up the cafe and create a great setting for enjoying all the fresh bounty of summer. I hope this new path leads you to joy and undiscovered riches of all kinds!

  2. Time over money honey. I applaud your choice, paths like rivers are meant to meander and bend. A damn can only last so long and then river runs free.

  3. oh YAYYYYY! so glad to have you back! it’s another beacon of light when our little world needs it most! good happiness and adventure on your new journey! glad to be along for the ride! hope our paths cross physically as soon as can be! i’ll be with you in spirit until then, my friend! cheers from iowa.

    1. Thanks, Lani! I’ve missed you! Thought of you so much this summer and missed our little camp reunion. Let’s dream up another. In the meantime, I’ll look forward to your comments – always a high note for me! xo

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