fabled bliss

Summer lore has it that the days drift by in a carefree golden haze. Rare, treasured moments achieve such fabled bliss. Moments when summer feels innocent, easy, and endless. Tranquil moments, suspended in the flow of time like beautiful, sun-drenched dreams.

koi pond


8 thoughts on “fabled bliss

  1. Upon glancing, I thought they were leaves, as I guess this cool morning turns my thoughts in that direction. Such beautiful colors of fish. Your description was a little like yesterday for me.

  2. I agree. I am not sure which is more thought provoking the words or photo; both are holding hands so beautifully together in a suspended moment. I cannot stop myself from scrolling up to take another look. Love the break in the water’s surface created by the lily pads. Those shadows along with the surface above and below form a three point break in the photo’s reality or complexity. This photo might make stop being the hunter of the fish that occupied my own frog pond.

    1. Thanks, Des. There is a lot going on with surface/reflection and also, I think, stillness but with the suggested fluid movement of the swimming fish…also please to know I may have saved some fish in the process. Art for fishes sake! 🙂

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