cyber monday..why not?

Season’s greetings and apologies for the long absence. I have so much news to share about my recent projects – highlights include garlic planting, hand-dipped chocolates, even a shepherdess! I promise to get to all that very soon.

But, first things first: it occurred to me sometime around the eleventh hour (as usual) that I could jump on this whole Cyber Monday bandwagon. So, here goes:

I’m offering 25% OFF ALL PRINT ORDERS placed through December 31, 2011. Visit my website or contact me to place an order.

Order by December 12th and I will do my best to deliver by Christmas Eve.

That’s not all.

Blog subscribers will receive a special offer via email in the coming days so if you haven’t yet, please subscribe! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on “Sign Me Up” and enter your email address.

Stay tuned for more special discounts and artful gift ideas. Still to come: portraits, personal garden photos, the gift that keeps giving, and more!

In the spirit of the season, please share this post.

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