It’s my birthday today. Guess how old I am?

Yes, I’m forty. And, obviously not one to hide my age!

As promised, I have a special offer for blog subscribers; consider it a birthday gift:


That’s 40% off any order placed by year-end. Just go to my website and enter TERRA40 as the coupon code to save 40% on prints, holiday cards, portrait sittings and gift certificates. Or contact me to order.

We’re on the honor system here, but I’m hoping that you’ll subscribe to the blog before using the subscriber discount. I trust you. It’s a 40-year-old thing…

My birthday wish: that you are taking time to breathe, to stop under the mistletoe, and to fill yourself with comfort and joy. And cookies. xo, Terra

2 thoughts on “40.

  1. another beautiful one leaves a joyful decade to brighten a new one. i am following you in less then a month. happy birthday beautiful 40!!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday. You have given me 40 years of joy, o.k. maybe not all joy but a lot of joy!!! Love you to pieces.

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