the meal

On February 24th, I joined 4,423 people for lunch as part of a global collaborative art project called The Meal.

Self-Portrait with Coconut-Curry Noodle Bowl

The project was organized by Brooklyn’s Art House Co-op. The rules were pretty simple: 1) Take a picture of yourself and your lunch at 12pm EST; 2) Create a 4 x 6 print and send it off to the Brooklyn Art Library to be part of a storefront exhibit (along with thousands of other meal photos). As a foodie and self-portrait maker, I couldn’t resist! Plus, The Meal partnered with Action Against Hunger, a stellar humanitarian organization working to end hunger around the world.

My meal was a spicy, coconut curry noodle bowl with pan-fried tofu, serranno peppers, and LOADS of turmeric for color! The place marker in the photos is Mpls St.Paul Magazine (with a story on Best Restaurants). I sent in the noodle-slurping action shot (above). Here are some outtakes from my shoot:

Can’t wait to join my lunch companions in Brooklyn next month. Stay tuned for more Art House projects; I believe I’m officially hooked.

7 thoughts on “the meal

  1. Terra,
    This was great. You look like you are having fun and what a great picture. Hope we see more of this.

  2. I love the shots and think you sent the right one. Your meal also looked YUMMY! I am so happy to be seeing more photos on your blog. I can’t believe a whole year has passed since you did 365….time sure flies.

  3. This is so much fun. Will we be able to see the other photo’s or the wall of all of them together? People surely have clever ideas.

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