the meal – part two

I wanted to share a few photos from the Art House Co-op project I posted in March called The Meal. My photo was on view at the Brooklyn Art Library with 800+ others. See me there, kind of fuzzy, near the bottom? I added an arrow! Art House Co-Op comes out with great new projects all the time, so stay tuned.

Pictures from The Meal, an Art House Co-Op project on exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Library. See more on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “the meal – part two

  1. Of course, I looked and I thought “Wow, that isn’t fuzzy, and wow, you’re in such a big picture!” then I realized you have that picture so I could find the little one. That’s a hoot isn’t it? I love that idea, and so glad you are taking part in every opportunity to use your talent. Thanks Honey!! Mom

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