lambing season

I returned to Star Thrower Farm a couple weeks ago to meet a few of the new arrivals. Lambing season runs through May and keeps shepherds Scott & Deborah VERY busy. The farm was full of activity: volunteers on hand from local restaurant Terra Waconia, guard llamas on watch, and a constant chorus of bleating, as new mamas and babies tried to keep track of each other in the crowd. No one was in labor during our visit but new life was everywhere and imminent!

The Icelandic sheep at Star Thrower farm come in 17 different colors of beautiful, curly wool.

Kerwin has a way of silently sneaking up and appearing near my ear. He’s supposed to be learning the concept of personal space…

The wheelbarrow full of embroidered red collars gives a sense of just how many mamas were still expecting.

Star Thrower’s greener pastures – a mixture of native grasses, wildflowers, and alfalfa (and dandelions, of course!). This forage flavors the cheese. Mmmm.

I love this place and all its creatures. Thanks Scott & Deborah for welcoming us to the farm.

For information, visit Star Thrower’s website or shop their products at Fulton Farmers Market or the brand new Linden Hills Farmers Market later this summer. Also, check out my earlier visit to the farm.