First of the Season

Today’s farmers markets (yes, we visited two) were heartening. Where just a couple weeks ago it was all maple syrup and bedding plants, today the local produce started coming into its own. Lettuce, spinach, scallions. Radishes galore. Bok Choy. Strawberries. And, yes, the first sugar snap peas of the season. Life is SO good.

Day 3: Sugar Snaps


We enjoyed our visit to the inaugural Linden Hills Farmers Market (where we bought the sugar snaps, visited Deborah from Star Thrower Farm, and indulged in what, I believe, are the best pastries in Minneapolis à la Patisserie 46). Then, out of loyalty and love, and a need for more tomato plants, we stopped by Kingfield, too.

Check out 30 Days of Creativity and get inspired! #30DOC, Day 3

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