east meets (up) north

If you asked me what really got me thinking about taking pictures of food, I’d have to say it was this photo by Heidi Swanson of her Ultimate Veggie Burger. I stumbled onto Heidi’s fabulous healthy recipe blog, 101 Cookbooks one day while searching (yet again) for the perfect veggie burger recipe…To be honest, I’m not sure this is the ultimate veggie burger, but the photo really captivated me. I’ve been following the blog (and reading her cookbooks) ever since. Heidi has great style and her recipes are approachable, uncomplicated, and almost unanimously scrumptious.

Day 11: Wild Fried Rice with Bok Choi and Tofu

Wild Fried Rice with Bok Choi and Tofu, adapted from 101 Cookbooks

I adapted Heidi’s recipe for Wild Fried Rice based on ingredients I had on hand. I especially wanted to use the two heads of bok choi from our CSA box. And, I’ve been saving a little bag of truly wild, hand-harvested Minnesota wild rice that we got for Christmas.We used scallions and green garlic in place of the red onion, pan-seared slabs of salted tofu in sesame and olive oils till it was crusty brown, and included the bok choi, sliced into thin ribbons. I like things spicy, so I threw in a few pinches of red pepper flakes and served with sriracha at the table. For lunch today I topped my bowl of leftovers with perfectly ripe hunks of avocado. Yum.

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