lake time

We got home yesterday after a blissful 4-day weekend at the cabin. Daily life can get so busy – it was heaven having our little family all to ourselves. Lots of photo opportunities at the lake. Mostly the kids – adorable in their sunglasses and lifejackets – swimming, jumping off the dock, scooping tadpoles from the pond, splashing, smiling, and sleeping in a precious heap like a couple of puppies. I’ve taken at least a thousand photos around the cabin over the years. But, the great thing is: there is always something more to see, to learn, to experience. Here are the photos that I decided to Pin for 30 Days of Creativity.

Day 16: Old Shed with Birch Trees

Day 17: Self Portrait with Water Glass

Day 18: Morning Paddle

Day 19: Sleeping Babes (Early Morning)

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