growing strong art

I’m nearing the end of the 30 Days of Creativity project. It has been such a joy to get back in the habit of creating something every day. I have to admit, at the start of June, I had hoped to create lots of different things, not just photographs. So, I did some food, and a mosaic with my kids, but mostly I made photographs. And that was great because I love making photographs!!

For Day 27, though, I was excited to pin something non-photographic – a layout I created for the Growing Strong Art Contest. Due to a couple withdrawals and some logistics we had to change things at the last minute but I was rather proud of the layout I had designed TO SCALE in Photoshop. As in, I created something and also did math. 🙂 I had the honor of judging this contest and I am always thrilled to experience and promote other people’s creativity – in this case, inspired (as I so often am) by the farmer’s market!

Day 27: Art Exhibit Layout

The finished display of art contest winners:

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