This is a photo I’ve wanted to share for a while. Every time I tried to post, I struggled with what to write. I kept thinking of the freedom of the birds soaring through the air and how each of us desires that kind of peaceful, effortless grace as we journey through our lives. I kept thinking about my grandmother, the beauty of her spirit and the peace of no longer struggling with a tired body and a long illness. She passed away last month. I miss her so much already and I can’t quite believe she’s really gone. But I also can’t think about her without a tremendous swell of love,  a smile for the person she was and all that she meant to me.

sandhill cranes

2 thoughts on “flight

  1. I love this photo! The effects make it look like an old painting on fabric. It is so graceful and the subjects are one of my favorite birds. It is a touching tribute to your Grandma too.

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