watching the skies

Ssshhhh. There is snow in the forecast but I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it out loud. I love snow. My kids love snow. And there is nothing I like better than a white Christmas. So, fingers-crossed!!

This photograph has nothing to do with snow. But, since I’m watching the skies, waiting for the flakes to fall, I thought I’d share a rosy outlook for your Friday. Think of it as something pretty for today, from me to you.

pink-cloudscapepink clouds

2 thoughts on “watching the skies

  1. Dear Terra,

    I see some continents here too. The sky is the planet’s most compelling canvas, don’t you think?

    One time when my son was about 8 we were on our backs watching the clouds create a parade of animals. What a precious memory.

    Your work is just extraordinary, enriching my life on so many levels.

    Very Appreciatively,

    Jean M Patterson

    1. Jean, I agree entirely! I never tire of looking at the sky and wondering at the beauty and variety of clouds. Thank you for sharing the story of your cloud parade. I love it. I’m so glad that my work is meaningful to you. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Thanks so much for your message. It was a wonderful surprise to hear from you. Best, Terra

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