01.26.13 of birds, and baths, and beating hearts

I am amazed at the birds who winter here. That their tiny, hearts and hollow bones can withstand the unrelenting cold. Life itself seems impossible in this season. Can such barren branches again bear leaves, even fruit? Will we wake one day to find the whole world turned green again overnight?

The life force is there sleeping beneath the snow, nurtured under fur and feathers, incubating in the depths of the seeds. I take heart in knowing that nature always finds a way. And so do we.

blog012613_birbath26/365: birdbath in the garden, january

4 thoughts on “01.26.13 of birds, and baths, and beating hearts

  1. This is a nice picture of winter slumber, even the bird bath. Your words almost made me cry, they were so touching, in that you captured the essence of life.

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