02.01.13 enchanted

I’ve been waiting to share some exciting news and today’s photo provides the perfect opportunity.

Several months ago, I submitted a design for a public art project in Nebraska City, NE called An Enchanted Arboretum. The project features artist-designed tree sculptures celebrating the city’s history as the birthplace of Arbor Day.

My proposal, a four-part photo collage titled, The Never-Ending Wood, was among the 21 designs selected for the project. More to come on that…Yesterday, my beautiful 6-foot tall tree finally arrived! Voila!

blog020113treeincrate32/365: it’s here !!

Stay tuned to the blog, or join my Facebook Page to watch the process as I create my tree! You can also follow An Enchanted Arboretum to see updates from other artists involved in the project.

8 thoughts on “02.01.13 enchanted

  1. I loved this idea when I saw the original announcement. Thanks for sharing its progress. Who cut the tree, were the cuts based off of your measurements or specs the Arboretum requested in order to create scale for the exhibit?

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