02.08.13 up in the air

It started as a hail mary for the daily photo – the ubiquitous (but irresistible) shot I think all photographers occasionally snap of their own feet. But the result was surprising: a revealing portrait of the artist attempting to find her footing in a world of flux.

blog020813_feet39/365: self portrait (up in the air)

2 thoughts on “02.08.13 up in the air

  1. I have to add this comment. About 35 seconds after I published this post, I got an email from my mom,
    “Your toes aren’t really that color, are they?”
    As in, do we need to rush you to the hospital, or what? It makes me smile.
    P.S. My toes were kind of pink and shadowed from the light; I guess the combination of effects makes them look purplish.

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