03.01.13 xoxo

Yesterday we celebrated Zola’s 5th birthday with lunch at The Lowry, butterfly cupcakes, and plenty of pink presents. While we waited for our food, Brad challenged her to a spirited round of tic tac toe. I swear you can see her determination in the way she’s gripping that pencil.

This girl came to play. From the first moment we saw her, rosy pink with a head full of crazy black hair, we were smitten. There are not enough X’s and O’s in the world…

blog030113_tictactoe60/365: tic tac toe

2 thoughts on “03.01.13 xoxo

  1. I wish I knew if she was X or O. There are some moves to be had. Happy belated birthday, Zola.

    Your X friend, des and O friend Jay.

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