03.07.13 the other side of sunshine

Sunshine is always welcome. But it doesn’t really pack a punch – as far as noticeable warmth goes – until March.

Yesterday the icicles that weren’t dripping furiously had already crashed to the ground and lay in piles of crystalline shards, half buried in the snow. I thought it would be all about the beautiful blue sky. And it did make me smile. But I couldn’t resist the graphic appeal of the crisp, black shadows (which only exist, in true yin-yang fashion, when the sun shines brightly).

blog030713_icicles&shadows66/365: icicles and shadows

2 thoughts on “03.07.13 the other side of sunshine

  1. This is the view from my kitchen window! Every day, Ella tells me how badly she and Zola wish they could get those icicles down!

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