04.04.13 welcome to the jungle

This is the kind of place I would never want to go. Yet, as a parent, if your kids love it then you love it. Or at least you love them enough to take them there once in a while. It’s hyper-stimulating, slightly claustrophic, loud, and rides that fine line between awesome & insane: everyone is exhilarated as long as they don’t get lost, hurt, scared, or completely overwrought.

Meanwhile, I sit and listen for distress calls, wave enthusiastically when I see my children’s happy, sweaty faces, and wish the trees weren’t made of plastic.

blog040413_adventure peak94/365: adventure peak

4 thoughts on “04.04.13 welcome to the jungle

  1. Well said. Your photograph does the place more than justice. I imagine the image is how the jungle appears through the kid’s eye, nice capture.

  2. I wish you the best on your trip. You are deserving of National recognition. Your pictures are beautiful

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