04.24.13 extreme thaw

Monday night it snowed another 6 inches. Tuesday morning, the sun showed up in full force. Snow was melting so fast  – like the entire spring thaw condensed into time lapse. Huge chunks of snow pelted the rooftop all morning in a sky-is-falling symphony.

In twelve short hours, all six inches of snow had been transformed into rushing, dripping, exuberant, flowing WATER and the sun set with the satisfaction of a job well done.

blog042413_ecstatic melt114/365: april snow melt

One thought on “04.24.13 extreme thaw

  1. Terra,
    Great picture – the snow, the rain, the droplets splashing up, the sunshine.
    Come on Spring…

    So anxious to see the Never-ending wood sculpture in Neb. some day soon.

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