04.29.13 taking time

I’m thinking of the famous quote by Georgie O’Keeffe (see below), about how nobody really sees a flower – not only because the flower is so small, but because it takes time.

That’s really my whole modus operandi when it comes to photography – taking the time to see. It’s especially true with familiar things, like a vase full of flowers. It’s easy to glance at them, there, in the middle of the table and think: fresh flowers! how nice! so pretty! But that’s like taking the beauty in one big, fleeting gulp and not really seeing the flower at all.

blog042913_alstroemeria119/365: peruvian lilies (alstroemeria)

“Nobody sees a flower, really, it is so small. We haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time. If I could paint the flower exactly as I see it no one would see what I see because I would paint it small, like the flower is small. So I said to myself – I’ll paint what I see – what the flower is to me but I’ll paint it big and they will be surprised into taking time to look at it…” – Georgie O’Keeffe

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