Water Works Exhibition

Excited to have Plunge included in the juried summer exhibition at the Duluth Art Institute.

Water Works
Celebrating our most precious resource and the artists who share in the primitive pull towards H2O
June 20 – August 25, 2013

Opening Reception tonight (June 20) 5 – 7

Rathai01_PlungePlunge, 30″ x 30″ metallic print, $800

5 thoughts on “Water Works Exhibition

  1. Thanks for the details as to the making of this image. Glad you used the word “eerie” as one of the descriptions, It is a marvelous idea and photo.

  2. That photo absolutely intrigues me. Would you tell about , how did that occur etc. It is so lovely and creepy to me.

    1. The eerie expressive quality of the image is more than the sum of its parts; the story behind it really isn’t remarkable. I was at a street festival and they had a woman sitting in the dunk tank wearing a ball gown. I just happened to get one shot as she went under the water.

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