07.02.13 worlds beneath our feet

Just realized today’s post completes the sandpit trilogy! There is a lake at the cabin too (!)  but the sandpit never disappoints for natural oddities; it’s very much this otherworldly mini-ecosystem in the midst of the north woods.

I love today’s photo because:

1) I don’t know what any of these things are;

2) This whole potpourri of life forms – nothing more than an inch or two tall – exemplifies the rewards of looking at the world;

3) It resembles a coral reef – diverse and beautiful, piled and intermingled, and teeming with life.

blog070113_sandpit life183/365: life forms

4 thoughts on “07.02.13 worlds beneath our feet

  1. Terra,

    Your “Sandpit Trilogy” is spectacular!! I especially love the one with the plant shadows. Bravo!


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