07.08.13 exhibition news

I mentioned that I took 975 photos during our vacation, right? Well, the day we came home, after the 4-hour drive, unpacking, starting on the mountain of laundry, and trying to find something we could eat for dinner…I forgot to take a picture. It’s the first day of the 365 that I didn’t actually release the shutter a single time. Shoot.

I’m not dwelling on it. The whole point of the 365 project is to commit to creating new work and making creativity a daily habit. It’s not about being a slave to the rules.

Since I don’t have photo #189 of 365, I thought I’d share news about exhibitions where my work is currently on view.

blgo_artonmainArt on Main, Zumbrota Area Arts Council

blog_edge2013Art on the Edge, Edge Center for the Arts

blog_waterworksDAIWater Works, Duluth Art Institute

blog_horizontalHorizontal Grandeur, Stevens County Historical Museum

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