07.26.13 death becomes her, part two

In the lush, verdant realities of summer, I forget all about the bare, graceful structures hidden under all that green. Until a little death sweeps in, like a dry branch waving naked in the wind, to steal my attention and remind me, for just a moment, that the circle never stops.

blog072613_deadbranches207/365: dead branches

4 thoughts on “07.26.13 death becomes her, part two

  1. for me, at first i thought it was ink line drawings. that in itself had its appeal. then i remembered you’re a photographer and i looked at your description and saw the word ‘structure’. and that made sense. structural drawings of living beings (stems branches leaves whole trees). these structural drawings were living at one time. even when dead, the drawings themselves remain, at least for a little while longer…

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