08.15.13 knock on wood

It’s been slow progress but, with any luck, I’ll get the last of the bugs worked out of this process and have a selection of  these ready for holiday shopping! The blocks are handcrafted (by my dad), from reclaimed wood, stained dark or left natural and sealed with satin varnish. Featuring flush-mounted fine art prints in a variety of sizes.

I’m gearing up for several art fairs this fall and winter (details to come); they will also be available on Etsy this fall.


227/365: wood blocks

2 thoughts on “08.15.13 knock on wood

  1. love my wood blocks that purchased from you. I gave the garlic to my friend who hosted us for a tournament and she just loved it. The koi you gave us proudly hangs in the ‘Conch’ and has traveled to 10 states (so far). It reminds us each day of good friends and that life is more than what you can see on the surface, life is deep, filled with layers reaching to and through that surface. The wood blocks make great gifts. I recommend them.

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