08.17.13 sage advice

My slight envy of those living in temperate climates centers on the ability to grow fresh food, particularly herbs, year-round. How I’d love to have rosemary bushes to prune!

But then while enjoying my fresh sage I’d just be pining for fresh snow. I choose four seasons, at least for now. But I do feel that life is better with an herb garden.

blog081713_purplesagewithdroplets229/365: purple sage with droplets


3 thoughts on “08.17.13 sage advice

  1. I love the colors and the focus of this shot. The droplets look as beautiful as any jewels. Congratulations on your show at UM and I am happy to see your urban art pieces too, I like them both and they will cheer up both cities. Thanks for posting to this blog. I look forward to seeing what you’ve captured each day. šŸ™‚

  2. Terra,

    Are you aware of the Fritz Haeg projects going on at the Walker this summer/fall? In addition to the house in Woodbury whose front yard has been turned into a veggie garden, he has planted a “Foraging Circle” of pre-colonial native plants in the Sculpture Garden and now has a whole gallery inside the Walker called “Domestic Integrities” where the fruits of those gardens (and others) are being used–ie., canned, spun into yarn, etc. Quite interesting. The Domestic Integrities gallery is only open Thurs-Sun, and the Walker is free all the time now.


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