08.26.13 prairie on fire !

I mentioned  that we made a trip to Morris, MN the other day. Today I’m excited to share the reason for our trip!

The University of Minnesota – Morris purchased these five pictures for the new, sustainable Green Prairie Living & Learning Community building on campus. That means the prints are also part of the University’s permanent collection!

These pictures are part of the ‘Winter Prairie’ series I worked on in 2013 featuring images from the urban prairie restoration garden near my home. I’m pleased that these wild prairie darlings are now permanently situated in their natural environment: a true prairie ecosystem in western Minnesota.

u-of-m-morris-blog-post238/365: Winter Prairie Series Prints now in the University of Minnesota – Morris Collection

4 thoughts on “08.26.13 prairie on fire !

  1. congratulations! prairies are beautiful collections of all things wild. so happy you took the time to capture them in their winter glory. the pictures make me want to hike and bring back my backpacker name..prairie twirl.

  2. Congratulations Terra! Your winter prairie series is so beautiful, now these great pieces are in a deserving place. I truly love prairies, and you’ve been able to share the beauty of a prairie in all seasons, not just the summer blooming season.

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