08.27.13 school days

The first day of school is more bittersweet now that I’m a parent. When I was a kid, I was always excited to start a new school year. Now, time seems to move too fast. Summer is a blur.  While I’m excited for the new, I sometimes wish I could press ‘pause’ and just take it all in for a while.

blog082713_firstdayofschool239/365: first day of school

2 thoughts on “08.27.13 school days

  1. there is a loneliness to this picture. the large building compared to the smallness of the subjects, the number of vehicles lined off compared to the only-two subjects, the darkness of the tree-shaded entrance to the building, the scratch lines on the pavement in the foreground – all create a feeling of something impending. a feeling of fear, anxiety and yet still a feeling of support between the two subjects. from the view of a parent and even for some children, this is a powerful image

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