native: milkweed*

I love to study what remains – the architecture – the form & frame of the skeleton when the luscious flesh of leaves and blush of petals is removed. It is a stark, and altogether different kind of beauty.


3/365: milkweed

(*native: possibly the first in a new series of native plant portraits. )

8 thoughts on “native: milkweed*

  1. Terra,

    I’m so pleased that you are doing a 365 series again this year. Your emails always provide a welcome moment of zen in my day.

    Re: the possible new series of native plant portraits. Do you know about the native plant circle garden in the Walker/Mpls Sculpture Garden? It’s on the left side as you walk into the garden, about 3/4 of the way down.

    I hope Jane remembered to tell you how much I loved the note cards!

    Happy New Year, Nancy

    1. Thank you, Nancy. Great to hear from you. I have heard about the native plant circle but didn’t visit. I’ll look forward to seeing it this year. Yes, Jane did tell me. So glad you liked the cards. Happy New Year to you, too!

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