One to get lost in. The frost blankets the leaves with an animal softness that belies the harshness of the cold. It has all the intricate crystalline beauty of the ice formations playing off the organic curves and lingering color of the ivy.


4/365: frost on the vine

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  1. Michelle! So great to hear from you and glad you are on board for this year’s project. I always enjoy your comments.
    It is a beautiful season although, this week, the extreme cold is making photo walks painful…

  2. I am sad I missed year #2. I thoroughly enjoy your work. Keeping your site as my homepage gives me a little lift everyday. I am very excited to see what you do this year. Thank you. Ok, anyway, this one is a favorite already. Makes me miss MN. We don’t get snow in GA too often and I really do miss winter’s beauty.

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