ROY G BIV: Orange

Day two of the rainbow colors theme. Yesterday it was -20 something windchill so I could only stay out for a short time. It was like a scavenger hunt with the clock ticking down…just enough time to spy with my little eye. Or the other way round.

Today: Orange.

blog010715_orange eyes

7/365: orange eyes

Check out my classic Minnesota January style: only my eyes are bare. On Facebook. Snapped yesterday, heading out to take photos.

3 thoughts on “ROY G BIV: Orange

  1. Love it………..but what is it? where is it? Good job with the orange, I wondered if you would just shoot a bowl of oranges!

    1. It’s a Neighborhood Watch sign – “if I don’t call the police, my neighbor will”. They are everywhere in Minneapolis but I don’t know if I ever took full notice of the cool, graphic design with the peacock eyes.

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