pickles in a jar

Desperate hour. Stuck inside. No photos. No light. Spied the jar. Never dreamed it would look so like an old Dutch still life with the light hitting everything just so

Thanks to our friend Tony DeAngelis for the photogenic homemade pickles. And if you don’t know the Courtney Barnett song, “Pickles in a Jar”, it’s a hoot. She also has a song called “Avant Gardener”. Hmm. Guess it all comes full circle.

blog012915_pickles in a jar28/365: tony’s pickles

2 thoughts on “pickles in a jar

  1. well, there’s the difference, ok. one of the differences between artists and the rest of us. I would have said, no time, no light, I give up, but an artist takes what’s there and comes up with this fabulous picture that could grace anyone’s kitchen or dining room and looks so old. I think that is quite extraordinary.

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