good company

Yesterday I was invited to my dear friend Sue’s garden to photograph her abundant spread of bloodroot. I’d never photographed (or seen?) them before. They are a delightful and diminutive woodland flower; getting to know them properly required me to spend a fair amount of time lying on the ground. It was the highlight of my day. Good company all around.


blog041715_bloodroot105/365: bloodroot (sanguinaria canadensis)

Notes: The plant stores a red, poisonous sap, hence the graphic name. This photo is somewhat deceiving; the central leaf belongs to another plant. I like the sense of intermingling…

4 thoughts on “good company

  1. Your blog is a treasure, aptly representing you—a Treasure. Your shot of the Bloodroot (Sanguinaria) is inspiring. They may be MY flowers—from my friend, Marie—but I’ve never seen them the way you do! And now all of your followers will know of my “permissive gardening” philosophy of letting plants bound around, mingling with each other. That’s Virginia Waterleaf (Hydrophyllum virginianum) inserting itself among the Bloodroot.

    All of your other posts gleam with humor, insight, generosity, tenderness, & more. So uplifting.

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