fancy pants

I hope you’ll excuse (or enjoy) the endless parade of spring blooms. There is so much activity in the garden these days – it’s just the hottest game in town for a garden photographer like me. I promise that, eventually, something else will tickle my fancy but for now, I’m smitten with the ephemerals and other short-lived beauties. These babies, nearly charmed the pants off me 🙂

blog041915_dutchman's breetches107/365: dutchman’s breeches (dicentra cucullaria)

2 thoughts on “fancy pants

  1. I am learning so much about these Spring Beauties! Loved the “Charmed the Pants Off Me” with the flowers being named breeches. Honestly, I can see why you are pants less, they are exquisite, and I haven’t tired of these
    Spring Offerings at all.

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