dreaming in color

If I know my kids, this is more than a puddle of dandelion threads in a Tonka truck bed; it’s a magical YELLOW potion in progress. It’s hard to number the things we love most about our children, but I’d have to place their boundless imaginations in the Top 5.

blog042815_dandelion potion116/365: dandelion potion

2 thoughts on “dreaming in color

  1. Reblogged this on Art Hacker and Creative Advocate and commented:
    I am grateful for my boys too and how the view the world when playing – freely using imagination to create numerous personas, animals in those timeless made up lands. Where do we lose our connection with imagination and creativity? Why does it slowly slip away unless it is nutured or re-discovered. I hope that I can hlep my kids keep seeing the world from their “kid” eyes for a long time.

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