thyme’s up

247/365: thyme


This is the time of year when my herbs are abundant and I begin to panic about the days I left to enjoy them. Fresh herbs are one of the few things that make me pine for life in a warmer climate. They make me feel rich. Time to get cooking, I guess…there’s a frost warning up north tonight !?!?!?!?!

2 thoughts on “thyme’s up

  1. I wish I had an herb garden! Have you tried freezing some of your chopped herbs in olive oil? I use ice cube tray for that when I get too large of a bunch from the store.

    1. Freezing is a great idea. We also have a dehydrator. I haven’t really made use of either option…I may try to put up some herbs this year. What I love, though, is cooking dinner and walking out to the garden with a scissors in hand. I think I also love the possibility of all the things I could do with these wonderful ingredients 🙂

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